Need a favour? Ask a neighbour!

In Croatia your neighbours are always there for you when you need something:

  • You're preparing some tasty meat for lunch but forgot to buy Vegeta?
    Ask your neighbour!
  • Want to read today's newspapers?
    Ask your neighbour, preferably the one who runs the local grocery store!
  • You've just made some tasty coffee and then realised you ran out of milk?
    Ask your neighbour, and invite them in for a cup – unless they're already on their way!
  • Your sister left home without her keys and no-one will be home when she returns?
    ... maybe you can guess: leave her keys at your neighbour's!

Everyone knows everyone ...

Some readers might find it unusual, but it's common practice for your Croatian neighbours to drop in for a visit, unexpected and unannounced, just to say hi or to bring some freshly baked cakes.

And it gets even more unusual: many people don't even lock their front doors during the day, especially in smaller towns and villages.

One of the basic rules is that everyone knows everyone. Therefore, passing by someone you know – especially your neighbour! – and not greeting them is considered a major offence.

To make sure that never happens, why not learn the follow common greetings!

Exercise: Do you know these common greetings in Croatian?

Answer Good morning!

Answer Good afternoon!

Answer Good evening!

Answer Good night!

Answer Goodbye

Answer Enjoy! (informal)

Answer Hi!

Answer How are you? (informal)

Answer How are you? (formal)

Answer Come over for a coffee!

Answer Have a nice/good day! (formal)

If you want to learn even more greetings, take some Croatian lessons with us!