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With our language level test you can assess your knowledge of Croatian, and with our vocab trainer, grammar trainer, and word games you can improve your knowledge of Croatian.


How well do you speak Croatian?


How good is your knowledge of Croatian vocabulary?

We've compiled a list of almost 600 common Croatian words grouped by category. Have fun guessing!

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CrodleWord Game

Word Game

How good are you at solving Croatian puzzles?

Crodle is a Croatian version of the popular game Wordle - with a new five-letter word to guess every day!

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How good is your knowledge of Croatian grammar?

We've compiled a variety of Croatian grammar questions sorted by topic for you to test yourself on.

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Level Test

How good is your knowledge of the Croatian language?

Our language level test consists of 60 multiple choice questions and takes 15 minutes to complete.

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Difficult letters
(č, ć, dž, đ, lj, nj, j, š, ž)

Frequently asked questions about the Croatian language

Where do people speak Croatian?

Croatian is the official language of Croatia and one of three official languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, Croatian is one of the six official minority languages in the autonomous province of Vojvodina in Serbia. Furthermore, Croatian is of course also spoken by Croatian emigrants worldwide (most of whom live in the USA, Chile, Argentina and Germany).

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