Group Croatian
courses online

We organise weekly group courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, with new courses starting every 4-6 weeks.

Lessons are fun, well-prepared and our teachers are great at what they do. We teach using Google Meet, and students can access homework, and all teaching materials online whenever they like.


Course highlights

With new beginners’ courses every 4-6 weeks (on demand) and ongoing courses at all levels, you should be able to start learning within 3-4 weeks.
  • 12 lessons, one 90-minute lesson a week
  • No more than 8 students per group
  • Online archive of teaching materials & homework
  • Fixed times, take part from anywhere!
  • Great value ... participation costs 259€
years teaching
in our team
Difficult letters
(č, ć, dž, đ, lj, nj, j, š, ž)

How does our group course work?

Learning as a group has many benefits, here’s how we teach groups online:


Following completion of two 12 week courses an absolute beginner of average ability can expect to achieve an A1.1 level of Croatian*.

This assumes that the student participate in lessons, study independently between lessons and complete all of their homework!
*This is just an estimate - results vary from student to student!


After each lesson you’ll find all of your teaching materials used and your homework in your personal learning library on Google Drive.

We also suggest students create a WhatsApp group to ask each other questions, talk about their learning experience and help each other with the homework assigned each week by your teacher.


When learning as a group, students motivate each other and typically feel more relaxed making mistakes and speaking Croatian.

Work during your lessons is done both interactively with the teacher and other students, and also independently and in pairs.


We teach group courses with Google Meet: all you need is a webcam, a headset and an internet connection.

During the lesson your teacher will use a virtual whiteboard to share files or pictures.

You’ll also occasionally be split into breakout groups during the lessons to practice in pairs.

What do our students say?

Feedback from some of our students – in their own words:

Our learning coordinator Andrea is here to help!

We’ll be happy to tell you more about our language school and the learning options we offer. Feel free to contact Andrea directly for a chat about any questions you might have!


Meet our teaching team


All of our teachers are native Croatian speakers who studied languages at university level. Click on the button below to find an overview of our teaching team, including a short profile on each teacher.

We're passionate about teaching Croatian as a foreign language and over the last 15 years we've had the opportunity to teach well over 3000 students from all over the world, from absolute beginners to advanced level.

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