Why should my child learn Croatian?

Learning a foreign language has many advantages for children: First, it is one of the best ways to train cognitive skills, linguistic expression, memory and creativity.

On the other hand, language learning enables connection with other cultures or - if your family has Croatian roots - deepens contact with your own family and contributes to the continuation of the family tradition.

Group lessons train important social skills and your child learns to interact with classmates from other cities and countries in a playful way.

How do online classes for kids work?

For children aged 7 to 16, we offer individual lessons at all language levels (after that, they can join our adult program). For beginners aged 7 to 10 we also offer group lessons, which we will expand to other age groups and language levels in the future.

The lessons take place via Skype and Zoom and are conducted by native-speaking teachers who themselves live in Croatia. Our program is peppered with games, songs, videos and methods from theater pedagogy - specially tailored to the needs of children. An important focus is on speaking as much as possible, both with us and with a partner or in the group.

Our teacher Mateja during an online individual lessonOur teacher Mateja during an online individual lesson

How much do online lessons for kids cost?

As with our individual lessons for adults, you can book flexible packages for individual lessons starting at 25€/lesson (the exact price list can be found here).

Our group lessons, like the adult lessons, always take place over a period of 12 weeks and include 90 minutes of instruction per week (total price: 239€, details can be found here). However, for pedagogical reasons we have divided the course into two 45-minute sessions per week. This way, the children's concentration is not strained too much and there is enough time to do the (moderate) homework and to repeat what they have learned.

Contact us at any time if you have questions - we are looking forward to many enthusiastic new Croatian speakers!