If you're not sure you know how to figure out which word belongs to which gender, take a look at our blog post about general rules for noun gender in Croatian. And now you can test yourself with these simple exercises! :-)

1. Exercise: Write the plural version of each noun

sestra - sister → Answer sestre

energija - energy → Answer energije

pivo - beer → Answer piva

brod - boat → Answer brodovi

nebo - sky → Answer neba

muzej - museum → Answer muzeji

prozor - window → Answer prozori

majka - mother → Answer majke

pas - dog →

stolica - chair → Answer stolice

sunce - sun → Answer sunca

nož - knife → Answer noževi

trg - square → Answer trgovi

dijete - child → Answer djeca

pjesma - song → Answer pjesme

koncert - concert → Answer koncerti

policajac - policeman → Answer policajci

miš - mouse → Answer miševi

brat - brother → Answer braća

susjeda - neighbour (f) → Answer susjede

vino - wine → Answer vina

muškarac - man → Answer muškarci

profesorica - professor (f) → Answer profesorice

učenik - student (m) → Answer učenici

sok - juice → Answer sokovi

juha - soup → Answer juhe

liječnik - doctor → Answer liječnici

mobitel - cell phone → Answer mobiteli

2. Exercise: Write the plural version of the marked nouns

Moja sestra ima prijateljicu. → Answer Moje sestre imaju prijateljicu. (My sisters have a friend.)

Brat želi pivo. → Answer Braća žele pivo. (The brothers want a beer.)

Susjed vidi mačku. → Answer Susjedi vide mačku. (The neighbours see a cat.)

Most je velik. → Answer Mostovi su veliki. (The bridges are big.)

Nož je u kuhinji. → Answer Noževi su u kuhinji. (The knives are in the kitchen.)

Amerikanac je student. → Answer Amerikanci su studenti. (The Americans are students.)

Pas voli jesti. → Answer Psi vole jesti. (The dogs love to eat.)

Soba je čista. → Answer Sobe su čiste. (The rooms are clean.)