Croatian Airports

Croatia has nine airports. The biggest one is the Zagreb airport „Franjo Tuđman“, built in 2017. The other six are in the biggest towns (Split, Zadar, Osijek, Rijeka, Pula, Dubrovnik) and two are on the islands of Brač and Mali Lošinj.

Airlines flying to Croatia

Croatian domestic airline is Croatia Airlines, but various international airlines (like Lufthansa, British Airways, Alitalia, Turkish Airlines, Air France...) fly to and from Croatia. Tourists are mostly interested in low-budget flights which are very common in high-season. German Wings, Ryanair, EasyJet and Wizz Air fly to smaller Croatian airports May through October.

Getting around the airport in Croatia

All of the signs at the airports are translated into English so it's not very likely you'll get lost, but here's some basic vocabulary and phrases to practice before you land:

→ airport (common word is also )

→ airplane (common word is also )

→ flight

→ arrivals

→ departures

→ flight schedule

→ flight status

→ luggage

→ hand luggage

→ lost luggage

→ damaged luggage

→ lost and found office

→ customs

→ passport

→ The airplane landed

→ The airplane is delayed.

→ The airplane will arrive on time.

→ The airplane took off at noon.

→ The flight is scheduled for tomorrow.

→ The flight has been cancelled.

→ The estimated time of arrival is 10:30.

Flying to Croatia

How would you say the following in Croatian?

I would like to buy a ticket to Warsaw. →  Answer Htio/Htjela bih kupiti kartu za Varšavu.

One-way or return ticket? →  Answer Jednosmjerna ili povratna karta?

At what time does the plane to Warsaw take off? →  Answer U koliko sati polijeće zrakoplov za Varšavu?

How long does the flight last? →  Answer Koliko traje let?

When should I check-in? →  Answer Kad bih trebao/la napraviti check-in?

How much weight can I put in my luggage? →  Answer Koliko kilograma prtljage mogu uzeti?

Where can I weigh luggage before my flight? →  Answer Gdje mogu izvagati prtljagu prije mog leta?

I can't find my luggage. →  Answer Ne mogu pronaći svoju prtljagu.

I would like to confirm / cancel / change my reservation. →  Answer Želim potvrditi /otkazati / promijeniti rezervaciju.

The flight has been cancelled. →  Answer Let je otkazan.

Please, fasten your seatbelts →  Answer Molimo, vežite pojaseve.

Do not smoke on the airplane. →  Answer Ne pušite u zrakoplovu.

We wish you a pleasant flight! →  Answer Želimo vam ugodan let!