– Monday
Meaning: “the day which follows nedjelja“

– Tuesday
Source: from an old Slavic word which meant “second”

– Wednesday
Meaning: “the middle day”

– Thursday
Meaning: “the fourth day“ ( – four)

– Friday
Meaning: “the fifth day“ ( – five)

– Saturday
Source: from the word “Shabbat”.

– Sunday
Meaning: “day with no work”

A couple of interesting asides ...

  • It's not uncommon for Croatian kids to mistakenly refer to (Saturday) as “šestak” ( – six) when they first learn the days of the week.
  • Above we've listed the days of the week beginning with Sunday, however it's worth noting that in Croatia the first day of the week is typically considered to be Monday.
  • Unlike with English/German, in Croatian the days of the week are not capitalised, except when used at the beginning of a sentence.

Talking about the days of the week in Croatian

Talking about a specific day

To talk about doing something on a specific day of the week, the preposition u is used with the accusative case, for example:

– I’ll see you on Saturday.

– I’m playing tennis on Tuesday.

– I’m going to work on Thursday.

Talking about recurring events

When talking about reoccurring events which occur on the same day each week, the instrumental case is used, for example:

– We go to the cinema on Saturdays.

– I play tennis on Tuesdays.

– I work on Thursdays.

Exercise: Some useful vocabulary to learn!

– now

– today

– yesterday

– day before yesterday

– tomorrow

– day after tomorrow

– this week

– next week

– last week

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