About the island

Despite being the northernmost island in the Mediterranean, Krk has a pleasant climate with an annual average temperature 4 degrees higher than elsewhere in the same latitude.

At the same time, Krk preserves the characteristics of an Adriatic island: rugged coasts, rich in bays and inlets, many small islands, beaches with rocks, pebbles and sand, a great cuisine based on fresh fish.

Visiting Krk island

The island is a string of small towns facing the sea, all different from each other, but each with its own charm: To fully experience Krk, we recommend moving from one place to another, taking advantage of the condition of the road, which is all in all quite good.

The first town you will find on the island of Krk is Omisalj, one of the most quiet places on the island. The old town of Omisalj with its castle is situated on a hill and offers a beautiful view of the bay. The place has preserved its Mediterranean charm, with typical narrow streets that turn with a certain labyrinth logic.

Vrbnik on KrkVrbnik on Krk

The beaches consist mostly of the terraces typical for the area, but the water is not very deep, which makes them perfect for children. Except for a ballroom, there are no important entertainment infrastructures, so Omisalj is recommended more for families than for young people looking for fun.

Njivice and Malinska are the places that have more to offer from a tourist point of view: Restaurants, pubs, dance terraces, night life and sports centers. In Malinska there is a picturesque seaside promenade that passes through the green pine forest and runs perpendicular to the rocky beaches and cliffs by the sea. In addition, the seafront is ideal for jogging.

The town of Punat has the best harbor for private boats on the island and among the recently built houses you can admire typical fishermen's houses.

Baska is also a well-known tourist place: Stara Baska has the most desirable beaches on the island, secluded and difficult to reach: these beaches are accessible by boat (easier) or by car. If you choose to come by car, you can park your car on the road and reach the beaches through very steep paths.

Things to do on Krk island

There are plenty of things to do on Krk Island, no matter what your interests may be.

If you're a fan of the outdoors, there are plenty of hiking and biking trails to explore, as well as swimming, snorkeling, and diving opportunities in the crystal-clear waters.

If you're looking for a more relaxing vacation, you can enjoy the sun and sand on one of the many beaches, take a boat tour around the island, or visit one of the medieval towns or villages.

Bridge to the island of KrkBridge to the island of Krk

Krk Island is also home to a number of amusement parks, including a water park, and there are plenty of restaurants and bars for those looking to enjoy a night out.

No matter what you choose to do, Krk Island is sure to charm and delight you. So be sure to add it to your list of destinations for 2024!