Visiting Murter island

Visitors can reach Murter by car, bus, or boat. There are several ferries that travel between the mainland and the island, and there are also several buses that run between Murter and Zadar and Sibenik.

There are several options for accommodations on Murter. Visitors can choose to stay in a hotel, a guest house, or a private villa. There are also several camping grounds located on the island.

Things to do on Murter island

There are several things that visitors can do on Murter. For example, visitors can enjoy a walk or bike ride along the island's promenade, which leads through pine forests before ending up at either Jezero Beach or Binice Quay.

Murter is a small island, but it offers all sorts of beaches; the most beautiful being Slanica Bay in its northwest. It’s lined with soft sand and clear water that makes for great swimming (and maybe some excellent fishing).

Sunset over MurterSunset over Murter

The other two major spots on this coast are Tisno Beach which you can find outside town towards Jezeroerad along promenade - its rocky terraces provide plenty space to enjoy sunbathing or relaxing while fishermen cast their lines far out into open sea! Just over 1 km away there's another perfect destination: Betina Beaches offering blue pebbles wherever one may wander.

The town of Tisno

Tisno, a small coastal town on Murter Island is the most authentic place to experience old Dalmatian stone houses and alleyways. You can still find traditional "konoba" with good wine serving salt fish or ham along side your meal - not to mention some of Croatia’s best views!

Kornati islands

Visitors can also take a boat to the nearby Kornati Islands, which are known for their stunning landscapes and crystal-clear waters. The central location of the island and the connection with the coast makes it easy to visit other Dalmatian attractions: Waterfalls of the river Krka, Sibenik, Zadar, Lake Vrana, but it is more likely that the beauty of Murter, its coves and pine forests will "keep" you on the island for the whole vacation.