About the island

The island of Rogoznica is located in Dalmatia, Croatia's southernmost district, which is recognized as the country's most picturesque location.

The Dalmatian coast is a series of hidden bays, lovely islands, lush woods, golfing, secret beaches, picturesque cities, and traditional fishing settlements, such as Rogoznica.

The island has an efficient port that is easily accessible due to its link with the mainland, and it also contains a tiny salt lake known as the "Dragon's Eye," which is one of the island's natural attractions.

Rogoznica Dragon's EyeRogoznica Dragon's Eye

Visiting Rogoznica island

If you're looking for a relaxing vacation destination, Rogoznica Island is definitely worth considering. The best way to get there is by boat - there are several ferry services that run from the mainland to Rogoznica Island.

Things to do on Rogoznica island

The island, which is surrounded by a dense pine forest that reaches the sea and is 30 kilometers from the Krka National Park's waterfalls, is a true paradise for nature and sea lovers.

In addition, the nearby towns of Šibenik (with its well-organized moorings for private boats, the three Venetian fortresses, the former Bishop's Palace, the Duke's Palace from the fifteenth century, and the Renaissance dome of St. Jacob) and Trogir, a town with an equally rich medieval history, offer various possibilities for excursions along the coast.

Rogoznica harbourRogoznica harbour